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Ideas for decorating with baskets

Hanging wall baskets are a fantastic way to add texture and colour to your walls. Woven baskets can give a unique depth and character that you just can’t get from a printing or painting.


But like many things when it comes to home decorating, creating a woven wall basket feature is not always as straightforward as it looks. That’s why we’ve put together our simple tips to make the process a breeze.


1. Plan your layout

Before you start banging nails in the wall, make sure you plan out what you want it to look like. One way to do this is to create templates - trace round the baskets on paper, cut them out and then layout your templates on the floor or stick them on the wall and arrange them until you’re happy with the layout.


If you’re planning a collection, you can’t go wrong with even numbers. A set of 3 or 5 baskets together creates a great feature which will really draw the eye.

2. Decide how to hang your baskets

You’ve got a couple of options here depending on the style of baskets you’ve gone for.
Do your wall baskets have loops sewn on the back like the one below? If so, that’s great! Then you can skip ahead to step 3.



If your baskets don’t have a loop in the back, don’t panic. You can easily create your own. Simply thread a needle with some fishing wire or a neutral colour thread (I often use jewellery string). Weave it through the back of the bowl, about three quarters of the way up the basket, this will help the basket to hang flat. Then tie a knot in the two ends.


Fishing line hook on wall basket


3. Assemble your wall basket

Finally, get a nail, screw in hook or command hook and fix it to the wall. Then hang your wall basket and you’re ready to go.


Sometimes putting a nail or hanger onto the wall just isn’t an option. If that’s the case you can use something like Instant Tacky (a strong, reusable craft putty which sticks stuff to the wall without leaving a mark). This works particularly well on flat baskets.


Now it’s time to get creative! And if you’re looking for baskets, you’re in the right place - we have a beautiful range of wall baskets for you to choose from.

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